Going green at Lake District Hotels

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With such stunning and beautiful scenery and landscapes to look after, it’s not hard to understand why tourism businesses in the Lake District are really starting to do their bit to look after it. After all, the scenery, lakes and mountains that need looking after are the reason why this National Park is the most popular in the United Kingdom bringing millions of visitors each year.
Hotels and other tourism business can help within their immediate environment but also wider. Within the hotel and its ground low energy use should be set as standard and this can also help in terms of cost cutting too.

It’s great to see recycling bins and signage on lowering energy use in bedrooms and in communal guest locations. It shows a hotel or bed and breakfast care you know yourself you are doing your little bit.

langdale hotel biomass
Langdale supports the Fix The Fells campaign and their biomass boiler

But there are hotels especially in the Lake District that are going that extra mile. Solar panels are starting to appear on hotel and bed and breakfast roofs or within the grounds. Biomass is also starting to be used which in turn, helps the local economy through wood suppliers as well as ground source heat pumps. There are many ways in which renewable energy sources can be installed that do not make an impact on the look and aesthetics of a hotel and that meet all planning criteria. For any hotel owner, this is ideal.

On a wider scale, there are a number of Lake District hotels and businesses that are not just trying to lower their carbon footprint but also look after and help preserve the physical environment. Footpath erosion being one of the largest problems in the Lake District but which with volunteers from tourism businesses and through advising guests on footpath guidelines, the fells and footpaths can be managed for future generations to come.